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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have the answers. 

What is a primary care physician?
A primary care physician (PCP) is the gatekeeper of your medical care and your personal doctor. Your PCP coordinates your health care services including physicals, referrals to specialists, lab and imaging services, and hospital admissions. Personal health care relationships start with choosing the right PCP. When you enroll in Dignity Health Medical Network, you will choose a PCP.

Why should I choose Dignity Health Medical Network? 
Dignity Health Medical Network gives you access to more than 200 of the area's leading primary care physicians and expert physician specialists. From this pool of Peninsula top doctors, it's easy to find one whose location, hours and philosophy are right for you. 

How do I select a Dignity Health Medical Network PCP? 
If your Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) contracts with Dignity Health Medical Network you may select one of our providers. First choose a doctor within the Network, and then contact your insurance company. 

How do I make an appointment with my Dignity Health Medical Network PCP?
To schedule an appointment, call your PCP office. The telephone number is located on the front of your health insurance card.

What should I bring to my first visit with my doctor?
Bring your health insurance card, a list of your current medications, your copayment (your copayment amounts are listed on your insurance card), and information about your medical history.

How do I know if my Dignity Health Medical Network doctor accepts my current health insurance plan? 
Please visit the  insurance information page for a complete list of our contracted health plans.  

How can I make sure services are covered by my plan?
It is important that you understand your health plan benefits. If you have any questions, call your HMO directly. Some procedures require prior approval. When prior authorization is needed, your physician works with the Dignity Health Medical Network Utilization Management team. The team is comprised of registered nurses and a physician medical director. They determine if the procedure is medically appropriate, based on the information provided by your doctor, and is a covered benefit of your insurance. The final decision is based on review of clinical criteria and medical record review. Clinical criteria used are available upon request. The Utilization Management Department can be reached Monday through Friday during standard business hours at 888.858.8307

Will I be billed for services beyond my office visit copayment?
You could be responsible to pay for a service that is not a covered benefit of your health plan. Some examples include: cosmetic procedures, travel immunizations, seeing a non-contracted provider without prior approval, or ineligibility at time of service. Physicians who are contacted with  Dignity Health Medical Network agree to take payment in full and cannot bill you beyond the contracted amount.

Do I need to notify my PCP of an address change?
It is important you notify both your health plan and your PCP's office of any address changes. This will ensure that authorization letters are sent to you at the correct address.