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  • Central California

    Welcome to St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center

    At Dignity Health’s St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center,
    we’re here to keep you happy, healthy, and whole. 

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  • Behavioral Health Evaluations

    Free Mental Health Screenings

    We provide free behavioral evaluations to help identify
    an individual’s needs and make appropriate referrals.

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  • Outpatient Services

    Promoting Healing. Improving Life Skills.

    At St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center, we are here to help you
    improve your coping skills, make sure your medications are stabilized,
    and provide a listening ear.

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  • Chemical Recovery Programs

    We’re Ready When You Are

    At St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center, we are here
    to help you get sober and stay sober.

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  • Inpatient Services

    Caring for Patients 24/7

    A structured environment, combined with compassionate staff,
    encouragement, and support provides the stable and positive
    atmosphere needed for continued psychological and emotional growth.

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  • We are dedicated to meeting the mental health needs
    of our community. That’s just one of the reasons why
    we provide behavioral evaluations to anyone in need,
    free of charge.

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  • We are here to help you get sober and stay sober. Our medically supervised detox program can help those dealing with drug and/or alcohol dependency start their journey toward sobriety. 

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  • Our compassionate team of psychiatrists,
    counselors, social workers, and nurses provide
    a warm and caring environment for those in
    need of inpatient mental health services.

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  • If you’re suffering from a mental health issue,
    such as a mood disorder, emotional issues,
    mental health condition or substance abuse problem,
    our outpatient services are available to help you get
    your life back on track.

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