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St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center Receives Grant to Fight Opioid Addiction in San Joaquin County


June 2, 2022 - St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center (SJBHC) has been awarded grant funding that will expand services helping residents in Stockton and surrounding communities struggling with opioid addiction and other substance abuse disorders.

Started in late 2021, the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program at SJBHC helps uninsured or underinsured adults with a history of opioid or stimulant use dependency by providing medication and psychosocial support.

“We are incredibly grateful to both Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and Sierra Health Foundation for the difference they are helping to make in the health and wellbeing of our community. Their generosity will greatly benefit San Joaquin county residents and those in need to receive these essential treatments,” said Cathy Mangaoang-Welsh, LCSW, SJBHC Director of Social Services. “Our goal is to eliminate barriers to treatment, such as lack of transportation and being uninsured and underinsured, to ensure that individuals receive treatment with no or minimal cost, allowing them the opportunity to focus solely on getting well.”

With SAMHSA funding, St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health will be able to reach up to 5,000 individuals struggling with substance usage. Additionally, 575 adults with Opioid Use Disorder(OUD), including probationers and parolees, will receive medicated-assisted treatment and recovery services at SJBHC over the 5-year grant period. The Access MAT project will begin with 50 participants in the first year, increasing access to more patients each subsequent year through the 5-year grant period.

“Based on SJBHC’s 40-year history of treatment for individuals with substance use disorders, we anticipate that fifty percent of participants enrolled in the program will achieve sobriety from opioids and complete the course of treatment,” added Mangaoang-Welsh. “And fifty percent of those individuals will successfully taper off their medication within three to six months. We look forward to expanding our reach to vulnerable populations who previously would not have had access to or seek out care at SJBHC.”

Participants in the MAT program must be adults, 18 and over, and uninsured or underinsured, in the San Joaquin Valley area. Admission is based on medical necessity as determined by screening assessments.