• Osteoporosis Center

Osteoporosis Center

More than 28 million Americans are affected by osteoporosis and many don't even know it. With education, early detection and proper treatment, people are living more active lives than ever before.

What Is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a degenerative bone disease resulting from the gradual depletion of the calcium content of the skeleton. This causes a decrease in bone production and/or an increased rate of bone loss. Many factors influence osteoporosis in women and men including calcium intake, level of physical activity and use of alcohol or tobacco.

Our team is committed to enhancing the development and clinical use of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for osteoporosis and related diseases, as well as helping educate the public about possible risk factors and available treatments.

Programs And Treatments

The Marian Osteoporosis Center offers a range of comprehensive services focusing on the evaluation and management of patients with osteoporosis as well as a number of free community service and education programs including:

  • Consultative clinical resources for those who are at risk for or who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis
  • Diagnostic bone mineral density testing
  • Lecture series for the community and medical professionals
  • Osteoporosis resource center and screening
  • Post-fracture osteoporosis management program
  • Screenings for the underserved at health fairs, community clinics, county clinics, cancer support groups and with employers
  • Support groups


Osteoporosis Center
116 South Palisade Drive
Suite 200 Santa Maria, CA 93454

Osteoporosis Screening
116 South Palisade Drive
Suite 100 Santa Maria, CA 93454


Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. — 5 p.m.

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