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Hearst Cancer Resource Center

Here at the SLO Oncology & Hematology Health Center, we affiliate ourselves closely with the Hearst Cancer Resource Center (HCRC), located on the 2nd floor of French Hospital Medical Center.  The director, Shannon D'Acquisto is a breast cancer survivor herself and is fully dedicated to helping our patients along their cancer journey.

We strongly encourage each patient to consult the HCRC, and specifically the Nurse Navigator, Julie Neiggemann, RN, MSN or for Spanish speaking patients contact Eloisa Medina, directly after their first visit with us in order to take advantage of their vast and amazing services.

Services Include

Nurse Navigator:  An oncology trained nurse to help guide patients and families from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship.  Focus is on education, resources, and emotional support for patients and caregivers who are often overwhelmed by their lack of knowledge about cancer and its treatment.

Lay Patient Navigator:  Trained Spanish speaking navigator who specializes in community outreach, education, and support for the Hispanic population.

Social Services and Support Programs:  Offering access to one-on-one counseling, financial assistance, transportation, Medicare and private insurance information, and community resources for patients and caregivers.  Numerous support groups for all cancer patients and their caregivers as well as monthly groups for those diagnosed with prostate, breast, or blood cancers and young survivors.

Nutritional Consultation:  Free one-on-one consultation with a registered dietician specializing in the nutritional needs of cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship. 

Complementary Therapies:  Relaxation and movement based practices to support and promote healing during all stages of treatment and survivorship.  Examples include acupuncture, energy balance, guided meditation, mindfulness, tai-chi, and art therapy.

Education and Lecture Series:  Presented by medical professionals knowledgeable in cancer care including a monthly class reviewing risk factors, preventive measures, and treatment options for lymphedema and cooking classes for healthy eating.

Honor Library and printed resources for all cancer diagnosis, screening guidelines, genetic counseling, caregiving, nutrition, and coping skills/inspiration.

Hearst Cancer Resource Center

1941 Johnson Ave, Suite 201
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 542-6234


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