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Hearst Cancer Resource Center

Where education and compassion meet.


Hearst Cancer Resource Center

The Hearst Cancer Resource Center is a one-of-a-kind resource in San Luis Obispo County for those living with cancer and their families. The goal of the center is to help persons with cancer learn about the disease, recognize opportunity for improved health, build a personal support system, and gain a sense of extended family. We are dedicated to serving cancer patients and their families: ranging from those newly diagnosed with cancer, in treatment, in recovery, and beyond. No one wants to hear the word cancer, but if you do, the expert doctors and cancer specialists at French Hospital Medical Center offer comprehensive care dedicated to your health and healing. For questions, or to learn more about the Hearst Cancer Resource Center, please call (805) 542-6234 or email us at [email protected]

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Cancer Resources

The Hearst Cancer Resource Center wellness and support services provide a bridge between standard medical care and a full range of healing therapies. Our integrative approach offers a foundation for care that includes an array of programs designed to strengthen the body, educate the mind and alleviate the stress which often comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Resources.

A Cancer Diagnosis

Approximately 40 percent of all individuals will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. That's a startling statistic, and one that our doctors and staff are constantly working to change. We'll help you learn about the disease, show you how to recognize ways to improve your health, offer ways to help build a personal support system, and offer a sense of extended family.

A Cancer Diagnosis

Nurse Navigator Program

At French Hospital Medical Center, our nurse navigators are highly skilled nurses who are specially trained to help you figure out what screenings you need along with the different cancer treatment options you'll find. They can provide education about your diagnosis and can connect you with valuable resources in the community.

Nurse Navigator Program

Details and Directions

Find our address, phone number, hours of operation and other helpful information.

Details and Directions

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Friends Battling Cancer

Treating the Patient: Mind, Body, and Soul 
At Dignity Health, we believe healing happens through kindness. Watch good friends and football rivals together on their cancer journeys, share the time of their lives. A special thanks to their Dignity Health oncologist Dr. Thomas Spillane, Dignity Health’s French Hospital Medical Center, Dignity Health President & CEO Lloyd Dean, ACI Jet, and Dream Makers SLO.  


Our Story

The HCRC was made possible by generous gifts from members of the Hearst Family, Hearst Foundation and other donors. These donations allow all cancer patients and families use of this unique center and its resources free of charge. The HCRC integrates many community cancer organizations under one roof with the expertise of oncology professionals on staff.

To learn more about our services and how we can help, please call us at (805) 542-6234 or or email us at [email protected]



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