A Message to Cigna Members

Dignity Health and Cigna are in discussions to renew agreements that will allow Cigna members in California and Nevada to continue to access Dignity Health providers and facilities as part of their in-network benefits. Both organizations have been negotiating for months, but we have yet to reach agreement. 

For patients in California and Nevada, Dignity Health providers are now out of network for most Cigna members. Although we continue to try and negotiate in good faith, Cigna has been unwilling to agree to terms that would allow Dignity Health to sustain our services in our community.

For services scheduled to occur, patients should contact Cigna to determine if the procedure will be authorized to be provided by a Dignity Health provider or facility.

By law, your Cigna benefits apply to both in and out-of-network providers when Cigna members receive emergent care. So, in an emergency, you should always visit the nearest emergency room.

Dignity Health is a mission driven, nonprofit health system dedicated to providing high quality and affordable care to all people in the communities we serve. All of our revenue is invested back into our health care delivery system to fund operating expenses, technology, facilities, and equipment. Our provider agreements with insurance companies allow us to sustain the critical health services our patients depend on.

We recognize how important continuity of access to health care providers is for our patients and our communities, and we apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused. Below are answers to common questions patients may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

For patients that live in a rural area, or if your physician provides specialized treatment and there are no others doctors that provide the necessary care, Cigna may overturn “out-of-network” determinations on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: Cigna’s Medicare supplement plans are not affected by the current Dignity Health/Cigna contract termination. Cigna’s Medicare supplemental plans do not require a Cigna participating network. Costs not covered by Medicare should be paid by Cigna’s Medicare’s supplemental plan.

Other exceptions to this contract termination are:

  • LocalPlus
  • Intel Connected Care
  • Members covered under Cigna’s Continuity of Care benefits.

Health care providers and patients should use the Cigna website (cigna.com) or call Cigna (using the telephone number on the back of the member’s card) to determine if their individual physician’s contract has been terminated.  Cigna has made allowances in many cases and some physicians will remain contracted through January 31, 2020 (PPO) and through March 31, 2020 (HMO).

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