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Get the care you need

At Dignity Health, challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic reinforce our commitment to caring for all. The safety of our visitors, patients, local communities, employees, and physicians remains our highest priority. 

If you need to visit one of our hospitals, please know that we’ve taken extra steps to help ensure that we’re safe and ready for you.

We are following safety guidelines from the CDC and state leaders, and we’ve established important guidelines for anyone visiting our hospital, such as:

  • Screening

    Asking screening questions at entrances, and temperature checks for all patients and visitors entering our facilities.

  • Mask Requirements

    Requiring all staff members, patients and visitors to wear a mask when entering the building.  We’ll provide one if you don’t have it available.

  • Physical Distancing

    Promoting physical distancing by redesigning our spaces and creating space where needed. In most cases facilities will have separate care areas for patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Enhanced Cleaning

    Enhancing our cleanings and disinfection throughout our facilities throughout the day.

  • Limiting Access

    Limiting visitor/patient access throughout parts of the hospitals.

  • Hand Washing

    Continual hand washing for all staff members and hand sanitizers available for everyone’s use throughout the facilities.

Emergency Care

It’s important that if you are facing an emergency, you do not delay care. Call 911 or proceed immediately to the nearest emergency room. Here are examples of symptoms or emergencies where you should always seek emergency treatment:

  • High fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Heart attack: Chest pain or discomfort, upper body pain or discomfort, shortness of breath (especially if coupled with jaw pain, fatigue, nausea, sweating and sudden dizziness)
  • Stroke: Face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty
  • Deep cuts, lacerations, or skin infections
  • Broken bones or traumatic injuries
  • Severe abdominal or stomach pain
  • Worsening symptoms related to chronic/ongoing conditions

Don’t hesitate to get the care you need when you need it. You can also use our online arrival system, so our emergency care team will be alerted that you’re on your way. See available arrival times at

No matter which Dignity Health emergency room you visit, our focus is safety first, healing always.