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Dignity Health North State consists of three Dignity Health facilities, one Medical Group, and several community clinics, all ready to meet your medical needs. Dignity Health North State consists of three Dignity Health facilities, one Medical Group, and several community clinics, all ready to meet your medical needs. Each one strives to provide the best services for the many people of our communities. Our programs offer state-of-the-art technology administered by caring, compassionate medical professionals. All of our facilities collaborate with and complement each other to provide you with the expertise of highly-trained staff in a wide range of specialties. From cancer care to heart care to orthopedics: Family Birth Centers to telestroke technology, we're here to help keep you healthy.

Services that we offer

  • Cancer Care

    When it comes to cancer care, we’re more than a treatment center. At Dignity Health North State, cancer care is rooted in healing, dignity, and humankindness. With two fully equipped cancer centers in Northern California, we incorporate spiritual counseling along with leading-edge treatment to care for your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being during this trying time.

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  • Cardiology

    From advanced diagnostic imaging to minimally invasive procedures to cardiac rehabilitation, Dignity Health North State offers the expertise you deserve when you need a cardiologist in Northern California.

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  • Emergency Services

    When emergencies happen, you need prompt care by a medical expert. At Dignity Health North State, we know that time is critical when it comes to injuries and troubling symptoms. Our experienced triage staff is trained to offer the care you need in a timely manner.

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  • Neurology

    Neurology is a subspecialty of medicine that diagnoses and treats neurological conditions of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, as well as related blood vessels, muscles, and other tissues. Neurologists and neurosurgeons work closely together to address problems with some of the most delicate structures in the body.

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  • Orthopedics

    The musculoskeletal system gives your body form, support, and movement. It includes your joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, bones, and tendons. Orthopedics focuses on diagnosing, treating, preventing, and rehabilitating conditions and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

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  • Spine Services

    Don’t settle for a life defined by chronic pain. Trust our experts at Dignity Health to properly diagnose and treat your spine condition so you can regain a more fulfilling, pain-free life. Our physicians are highly trained in the latest technologies and treatments.

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  • Women's Services

    Women’s services is a branch of health care that focuses on the needs and unique challenges of women’s health. To learn more about women’s services in Northern California and receive personal care you deserve, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health North State.

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