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Trusted Women’s Services in Northern California

Find a Doctor who provides specialized health care for women today.


Women’s Services

Women’s services is a branch of health care that focuses on the needs and unique challenges of women’s health. To learn more about women’s services in Northern California and receive personal care you deserve, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health North State.

Quality Gynecology in Northern California

Gynecologists are doctors who have advanced training in the medical and surgical care of the female reproductive system. While gynecologists are specialists in this field, family doctors, primary care doctors, and internists may all offer gynecologic care.

Know Your Options for Breast Health

At Dignity Health North State, we offer leading-edge breast imaging, including breast MRI, breast ultrasound, and mammography.

Breast Health Services at Dignity Health North State

Breast health services include diagnostic exams, screening, and, occasionally, treatment. At Dignity Health North State, our services include:

Family-Centered Maternity Care in Northern California

At Dignity Health North State, our maternity rooms offer a comfortable, private, and homelike setting for delivery. Each room offers the latest in technology, letting you experience the birth of your child and recovery in one place with your family members, Find a Doctor who provides maternity care today.

Maternity Services Personalized to You & Your Baby

Your Dignity Health North State doctor will tailor maternity care services to meet your needs. Our services range from basic care for uncomplicated pregnancies to complex care for high-risk pregnancies. This may include working with specialists, such as a maternal-fetal medicine doctor or neonatologist. No matter your needs during pregnancy, expect personal care with humankindness at every step.

What to Expect from Women’s Health Services

Although many women share health concerns, no two women have the same circumstances. Your doctor at Dignity Health North State will carefully assess your health and will take the time to learn about your current concerns, personal preferences, lifestyle, past medical history, and family history. Your doctor will answer your questions with respect and carefully explain any recommended tests or treatments. Together, you will create a personalized treatment plan with a foundation in humankindness.


Dignity Health North State offers comprehensive women’s services in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.

Exemplary Provider

What does it mean to be an Exemplary Provider?

Exemplary Provider®-accredited status is granted to those healthcare providers who demonstrate outstanding patient care practices and compliance to The Compliance Team’s comprehensive Safety-Honesty-Caring® quality standards.

The Compliance Team is the only accreditation organization that offers the Exemplary Provider® brand of accreditation and certification programs.