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Tips for a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy in Northern California

It’s normal to have questions during your pregnancy. You may feel excited, but also nervous and maybe even scared. At Dignity Health North State, our obstetricians (doctors who specialize in pregnancy) are there to give you the guidance, support, and specialized care you need during this time of great change. 

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate, friendly maternity care in a calm environment. That’s why we offer our family birthing center, so you and little one can experience labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum care all in one room. Find a Doctor in Northern California today. 

Signs of Pregnancy

The most obvious pregnancy symptom is a missed period. Other signs include a positive at-home pregnancy test, mood swings, and morning sickness. Your doctor must confirm your pregnancy, even if you use an at-home test. 

Pregnancy Services & Breastfeeding Classes at Dignity Health North State
Some women need — or want — more care during their pregnancy than others. Every pregnancy is different. 

Pregnancy services offered at Dignity Health North State include:

Types of Pregnancy Complications

Sometimes complications arise during pregnancy that can affect the health of the mother, baby, or both. 

  • High-risk pregnancy, a pregnancy in which the mother or the child are at increased risk for medical complications 
  • Ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when the fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the uterus 
  • Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy, which may or may not be a serious problem 
  • Gestational diabetes, or high blood sugar levels in the mother 
  • Placenta previa, when the placenta covers or partially covers the cervix
  • Preeclampsia, high blood pressure that goes away after childbirth

Fetal Diagnostic Tests

Your doctor will carefully watch your health and your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy. Some women also choose to work with a midwife or family medicine doctor. During this time, your doctor may recommend prenatal testing, including:

  • Pregnancy ultrasound to assess the baby’s development and determine the baby’s due date 
  • Amniocentesis, to test for certain infections and genetic disorders 
  • Nuchal translucency screening, to determine if your baby will have Down syndrome
  • First trimester screening to check for certain chromosomal disorders
  • Biophysical profile in the third trimester to check the baby’s health and well-being 

Prenatal care increases your chances of a healthy pregnancy and birth. Talk to your doctor openly and honestly about your options for birth, including natural birth and C-section

Dignity Health North State makes life a priority when it comes to pregnancy care in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.