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Find Helpful Childbirth Classes in Northern California

Childbirth classes help mothers-to-be learn about what to expect during various stages of pregnancy and the labor and delivery process. 

Dignity Health North State offers a range of childbirth classes in Northern California. Topics include breastfeeding instruction, labor support skills, and relaxation techniques. You can even tour our private labor, delivery, and recovery suites to get a better idea of what your experience will look like. Find a Doctor who will recommend the right childbirth classes for you and your growing family. 

Learn more about our childbirth classes at our local hospitals:


What Do Pregnancy Classes Offer?

Childbirth classes help you and your partner learn more about what happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy and what to expect during labor and birth. These classes can help you make more informed decisions about your care during labor, such as whether natural childbirth is right for you. 

Topics covered in childbirth classes include:

  • Fetal development during pregnancy
  • Preparation for labor and birth
  • Signs and symptoms of labor
  • Non-medical pain relief techniques, including massage and relaxation
  • Pain relief options for labor and delivery, such as epidural
  • Hospital routines
  • Possible birth scenarios, including vaginal birth and C-section
  • Newborn care
  • After birth care
  • Infant feeding


What to Expect from Prenatal Classes at Dignity Health North State

Childbirth classes vary depending on the topic and the instructor. Most classes are in-person group sessions at our hospitals, but online versions are also available at Mercy Medical Center Redding. You can choose whether a one-day intensive class or a one-night-a-week class works better for you. 

In a labor and birth class, you may learn:

  • What to do when labor begins
  • How much time labor may take
  • How the cervix begins to dilate
  • What to bring with you to the hospital
  • Birth positions and pain relief techniques

Some classes, such as Bradley method classes and Lamaze classes, teach specific strategies for dealing with pain during labor. 

At Dignity Health North State, our childbirth classes can teach you the tools you need to make the most informed decisions about childbirth and becoming a parent. Ask your doctor about which classes would be most helpful for you and your family. 

Dignity Health North State offers a range of breastfeeding and childbirth classes in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.