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Expert Care for Multiple Gestation in Northern California

Multiple gestation is the term for carrying more than one fetus. Twins, triplets, and quadruplets are all different types of multiple gestation. Being pregnant with more than one baby brings on a lot of excitement, but also a higher level of care. 

Maternity services at Dignity Health North State offer comprehensive services for cases of multiple gestation in Northern California. Your dedicated prenatal team is here to care for you and your unborn babies, from helping you manage your health to preparing you for a comfortable birth. 

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Symptoms & Causes

Multiple gestation occurs when a woman releases more than one egg that’s then fertilized by sperm. Or, a fertilized egg can split into more than one embryo. This can occur randomly with no apparent cause. 

You may have a higher risk of multiple gestation if you:

  • Become pregnant after 35
  • Receive fertility treatments
  • Have a family history of multiple gestation

Most women learn they’re pregnant with multiples during the first trimester. The signs of multiple gestation are usually more severe forms of the symptoms of pregnancy. Some early signals of multiple gestation include extreme nausea, fatigue, and weight gain.


Common Conditions Associated with a Twin Pregnancy

Multiple gestation is a type of high-risk pregnancy. Being pregnant with more than one baby can increase your risk for pregnancy-related complications. 

Our doctors are experienced in providing expert care for the following risks of multiple gestation:

If you’re pregnant with twins or multiple fetuses, your doctor at Dignity Health North State will closely monitor your and your babies’ health until you give birth. During your pregnancy, you may have to visit your doctor more often to receive specialty care.


Trust Maternity Experts for Your Multiple Gestation at Dignity Health North State

We provide ongoing treatment that looks after your and your babies’ wellbeing. Our comprehensive maternity services for multiple gestation include: 

  • High-quality ultrasound imaging
  • Dietary counseling and guidance
  • Integrated mental health care
  • Birthing classes

You can rely on our experienced obstetricians and highly-trained staff to care for you while you’re pregnant with twins or other forms of multiples. 

Dignity Health North State offers expert care for multiple gestation in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.