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How to Prevent Breast Cancer in Northern California

Breast cancer prevention starts with taking the small steps that lower your risk. Committed doctors at Dignity Health North State can help you reduce your risk with our recommended cancer screenings and expert healthy lifestyle guidance.

Find a Doctor today to receive a quality mammogram and learn how to prevent breast cancer in Northern California. Ask your doctor about our Breast Assured program offered at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital.


How to Prevent Breast Cancer

Even though there’s no sure way to ward off breast cancer, there are measures you can take that will reduce your chances of getting the disease.

Recognize the Symptoms

Many breast cancers are diagnosed after noticing a lump in the breast, a common symptom of breast cancer. When you can recognize the signs, you can report them to your doctor sooner for a timely evaluation and diagnosis.

Know Your Risk Factors

Having a higher risk for breast cancer doesn’t mean you’ll get the disease. However, certain lifestyle habits, environmental factors, and other characteristics can increase your chances of developing breast cancer.

Proven risk factors include:

  • Dense breast tissue
  • Family or personal of breast cancer
  • Obesity
  • Previous chest radiation therapy
  • Age — the risk of breast cancer increases as you get older
  • Exposure to diethylstilbestrol


Rely on Breast Cancer Prevention at Dignity Health North State

Screening exams are the most important tools for detecting breast cancer. Some exams can catch cancer before symptoms develop.

As part of our comprehensive cancer care, we offer the following breast cancer prevention services:

  • Clinical breast exam
  • Mammogram
  • Mastectomy, to remove breast tissue that has a high chance of developing cancer
  • Chemoprevention, which blocks the effects of estrogen on breast tissue

We’re at the forefront of cancer prevention by offering the recommended cancer screenings that detect cancer in its early, treatable stages. Visit Dignity Health North State for quality screenings and cancer prevention services.

Dignity Health North State offers comprehensive options for breast cancer prevention in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.