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Breast Assured

Coronavirus Update: Classes, seminars and support groups have all been cancelled until further notice. 

For additional information, please call (844) 903-1980.

Innovations in the Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer

Each year, St. Elizabeth Community Hospital is pleased to present Breast Assured, a seminar about how to prevent breast cancer, as well as breakthroughs in early detection as well as treatments for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Topics can include: 
  • The importance of early detection and prevention strategies
  • Breast reconstruction options 
We also feature survivor stories. 
Our speakers will share the latest innovation and medical research related to breast health.  Learn why the medical community is hopeful about new prevention strategies, better screenings and biopsies, tougher drugs and personalized treatment approaches that can produce more effective outcomes.
Refreshments will be served, door prizes, and special gifts for each attendee.


For More Information About This Class 

Please call (844) 903-1980