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Cancer care with kindness.

Your journey to healing.


Cancer Care

When it comes to providing cancer care, the specialists at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital Infusion and Oncology Center incorporate the latest technologies to treat all types of cancer including lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and more.

Comprehensive Cancer Care

We treat cancer with a team of doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals who work together to help you with your journey from diagnosis to wellness.

We offer the full range of cancer diagnosis and treatment options including precision oncology, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy all in a comfortable and supportive setting, close to home.

Learn more about some of the types of cancers we treat:


A Team Approach for Cancer Care

Oncologists that practice at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital Infusion and Oncology Center use a team approach to provide the finest quality of care.  Our comprehensive team of oncology specialists work collaboratively to examine each diagnosis, and strategize and plan the best treatment for each patient.  

We offer a number of services to diagnose your cancer as well as advanced, individualized treatment options to help you recover and get back to better health.

Treatment Options

The St. Elizabeth Community Hospital Infusion and Oncology Center sets the standard in the Red Bluff area for comprehensive care for patients and their families. We accomplish this through education, prevention and early detection. In addition, our physicians offer holistic and alternative options for self-care, such as diet and exercise recommendations. Our specialists will help you choose a treatment that meets your healing goals.

Treatment options include:

Infusion Services
The Oncology and Infusion Center provides chemotherapy, immunotherapy and all types of infusion treatments close to home. Our center strives to offer the best experience possible under what can be difficult circumstances. When you visit the our centers, you will be cared for by experienced, certified nurses who provide a warm, supportive environment while you receive your treatment.  

Precision Oncology 
We believe every cancer journey is unique and deserves a tailored approach specific to each individual. Through a technique called precision oncology, we are able to do that. Precision oncology uses molecular profiling to target specific genetic alterations in a patient’s tumors. Oncologists then treat the cancer with focused, specialized therapies, instead of a technique such as chemotherapy which can harm cancerous and healthy cells. Learn More

Cancer Resources and Support

Information is an important tool in cancer treatment. Patients and families who understand all there is to know about their illness can more effectively take the steps needed to improve their recovery. 

Our cancer specialists can provide the support you need, providing printed and online information about treatment and rehabilitation options.

St. Elizabeth Community Hospital Infusion and Oncology Center is dedicated to the health and wellness of our community. We offer programs and a variety of screenings to help patients and everyone maintain their best health possible.

Support groups and classes offer invaluable opportunities to learn and to share with others.

Cancer Care

National Cancer Institute

American Cancer Society


Caregiver Action Network

Caring Bridge

Cancer Navigation

Having someone who can help you through your cancer, from diagnosis through treatment, is important. Our cancer patient navigators are available to focus on you, answering any questions and providing the support you need.

You are not alone when going through your cancer treatment. Our team is here to help guide you through the entire process.

Here’s what you can expect from our patient navigators:

  • Is specially trained in cancer care and is your personal coordinator and guide during diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Smoother hand-offs throughout your care can translate into fewer delays in treatment, improved communication between caregivers, and less confusion for you and your family.

  • Is here to help you with every aspect of your care whether you are at home or in the hospital

  • Listens and coaches you through important decisions, such as a variety of treatment, nutritional, financial, or social issues.

  • Patient navigators can help decrease ER visits associated with complications in care by identifying complications sooner and directing earlier interventions at the clinical level.

  • Teaches patients and family members to recognize and manage the side effects of cancer treatment

  • Available for patient and families with questions or problems

  • Provides educational and community resources for you and your family including transportation, housing assistance, financial assistance, and/or support groups.

  • Helps you and your family understand your diagnosis plan of care in greater detail

Learn More About Cancer Programs at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital

At St. Elizabeth Community Hospital Infusion and Oncology Center we offer a number of programs to help you including early detection, support groups and, if necessary, hospice care. Call (530) 529-6010 for more information.

For a physician referral, call (844) 857-7661 or use our search tool to Find a Doctor.