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Evaluation of Breast Cancer Symptoms in Northern California

Evaluation of Breast Cancer Symptoms in Northern California

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer affecting women. It’s often a treatable disease, especially when the symptoms are detected early. When you know the signs of the breast cancer, your doctor at Dignity Health North State can provide an accurate diagnosis for better and quicker treatment.

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Recognize the Signs of Breast Cancer for Early Detection

Many women with breast cancer don’t have any symptoms. Regular screenings and mammograms (for high-risk women) are the best ways to catch breast cancer when symptoms aren’t apparent.

An unusual new lump or mass in the breast is usually the first indicator of breast cancer.

Other signs of breast cancer include:

  • Nipple discharge or tenderness that isn’t breast milk
  • An inverted nipple
  • Changes in appearance of nipple or breast, including shape, size, and texture
  • Swelling of part of all of the breast

If breast cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes around the collar or under the arm, there may be lumps or swelling in the affected area. Always report any symptoms of breast cancer, including swollen lymph nodes, to your doctor at Dignity Health North State. Effective treatment begins with an early diagnosis, so get your doctor involved at the first sign of breast cancer.


Diagnosing Breast Cancer at Dignity Health North State

If you or your doctor finds a lump in your breast, the next step is prompt diagnostic testing. These tests closely examine lumps or suspicious masses to determine if they are in fact cancerous. Our hospitals are equipped with the latest technology to accurately diagnose breast cancer so treatment can quickly begin.

To get an accurate picture of the lump, your doctor may recommend any of the following diagnostic procedures:

  • Ultrasound, to create pictures of breast structures.
  • Diagnostic mammograms, to capture many close images of the area of interest.
  • MRI scan, to create pictures of the breast and its structures.
  • Biopsy, to analyze the lump for cancer.

Your doctor will use test results to understand the cancer’s characteristics for more personalized, effective treatment. Visit Dignity Health North State for quality screening, diagnostics, and treatment for breast cancer.

Dignity Health North State evaluates and diagnoses breast cancer symptoms in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.