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Expert Craniotomy in Northern California

A craniotomy is the surgical removal of bone from the skull to expose brain tissue. This procedure is necessary to give your doctor direct access to your brain for surgery.

A craniotomy may be performed for in order to:

  • Repair a skull fracture
  • Remove a brain cyst, tumor, or blood clot
  • Repair blood vessel abnormalities like arteriovenous malformations or aneurysms
  • Treat hydrocephalus or epilepsy
  • Implant a medical device, such as a deep brain stimulator for Parkinson’s disease

If you would like more information about craniotomy in the Northern California, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health North State. Our expert neurosurgical team performs all types of brain surgery with a focus on humankindness.


What to Expect: Craniotomy at Dignity Health North State

Prior to a craniotomy, your doctor will give you detailed instructions about how to prepare for surgery. You may need to discontinue taking regular medications. If you have any additional questions about how to prepare, talk to your doctor.

Craniotomy is major surgery performed under general anesthesia at a Dignity Health North State hospital. After revealing the bones of your skull through an incision in your scalp, your neurosurgeon will remove a portion of the bone to access your brain. Your neurosurgeon will replace and secure the bone and scalp once your surgery is complete. 

In some cases, an awake craniotomy is performed so your neurosurgeon can stimulate certain parts of your brain to determine how it affects your motor skills. You will not experience any discomfort while you are awake. After the tests, your anesthesiologist will put you back to sleep.


Recovery after Craniotomy

Craniotomy is an inpatient procedure. After your surgery, you will remain in the hospital for several days. It is normal to experience some facial swelling and pain. Your doctor will give you medicines to help alleviate these side effects.

Before you are released from the hospital, your doctor will give you special instructions related to medications, activity level, and follow-up appointments.

Craniotomy at Dignity Health North State can be a life-saving procedure for someone with a condition that requires brain surgery, including a brain tumor or aneurysm. In many cases, craniotomy can completely cure a brain disorder, allowing you to live a normal life.

Dignity Health North State hospitals offer brain surgery with craniotomy in Redding, CA.