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Glendale - Olive Ave Emergency Room

5171 W Olive Ave., Glendale, AZ 85302 - Map It

Open 24 Hours - (602) 900-4780

Dignity Health – Arizona General ER in Glendale Arizona is a fully-equipped 24-hour emergency room located just minutes from your home. By taking the emergency room out of the hospital and placing it in your neighborhood, we've made it easier to get to an ER when you need emergency care, while reducing patient wait times to near zero.

We offer the same level of care found in a hospital ER. Our doctors and nurses are trained in emergency medicine, and our facility features advanced diagnostic equipment along with an on-site lab. Come see us for any emergency, major or minor.

Our Glendale emergency room is located on W Olive Ave., just west of N. 51st. Avenue.

Our medical director is Dr. Joel Betz.