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Medical Records

Learn about medical records and how to request yours below.

What is a Medical Record?

The medical record is a permanent document of the history and progress of every patient's medical care. The record is a compilation of observations and findings recorded by the patient's physician and members of the hospital health care staff. The entries and reports originate at various points in the hospital. Records are used for continuity of patient care, to verify insurance claims for medical care rendered, and as a legal/business document outlining the course of a patient's medical care.

Medical Release Forms

Request for a Medical Records

Patient Online Access Form: This is exclusively for patients and legal guardians with legal paperwork requesting a copy of their medical records.

Click here for the patient online access form

Requester Submission Portal:  This option is for healthcare providers, attorneys, or if you are requesting the medical records of someone other than yourself and are not the legal guardian. 

Click here for the requester submission portal

Note: You may be contacted to provide additional documentation, such as a photo ID, birth certificate, power of attorney, etc. You will receive an update or response from Sharecare within 3 business days.  

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