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Kidney stones are small, hard pieces of crystallized material that take shape in the kidney. Your doctor may also call this condition renal lithiasis. Usually, kidney stones leave the body in the urine without problems. Sometimes, they can get stuck in the tube connecting the kidney and the bladder (ureter). If this happens, potentially serious and life-threatening complications, such as kidney damage and kidney infection, can occur.

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What Causes Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones can occur in one or both kidneys. They begin as tiny specks and may gradually increase in size. Kidney stones are usually made of calcium, but can also contain amino acids or uric acid. 

Risk factors for developing kidney stones include:

Kidney Stone Symptoms

If a kidney stone is small or remains in the kidney, it may not cause symptoms. When a large kidney stone moves out of the kidney, it may cause stabbing, sharp, or severe pain in the lower back. The pain may spread to the groin or abdomen. Other symptoms can include difficulty urinating, blood in the urine, vomiting, nausea, and profuse sweating. 

Kidney Stone Treatment at Dignity Health

Small stones may pass out of the body without any treatment. To treat larger stones, doctors recommend drinking fluids to dilute the urine, which helps flush the stone. Medications to relax the ureters can also help the stone pass. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication to keep you comfortable.

If the stone is stuck, you may need a catheter procedure, shockwave therapy to break up the stone, or surgery to remove it. 

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