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Trusted Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a movement disorder of the nervous system. In this disease, the immune system attacks the protective layer (myelin sheath) around nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. As these layers are broken down, the nerves gradually stop working properly.

Dignity Health neurologists focus on treatment strategies that restore physical function, slow progression of the disease, and address your mental well-being. To meet with a neurology expert about MS treatment in the Bay Area, use our search tool and Find a Doctor.

Types of Multiple Sclerosis Treatment We Offer

At Dignity Health, a range of therapies are provided by a multidisciplinary team and may include:

  • Assistive devices, such as canes, wheelchairs, or walkers
  • Braces or orthotics to help with foot drop and other MS symptoms
  • Cognitive therapy, overseen by a neuropsychologist to help improve reasoning and problem solving
  • Medications, given by mouth, infusion, or injection that reduce inflammation and treat related symptoms, such as pain, fatigue, emotional changes, or bladder dysfunction
  • Physical therapy to improve the function and tone of your muscles
  • Occupational therapy to enhance things like swallowing and performing daily activities while reducing fatigue
  • Social support services and groups to promote independence and better quality of life
  • Speech therapy to improve speaking abilities
  • Vocational therapy for job retraining or workplace modifications

Considering Your Treatment Options

The treatment you or a loved one receives depends on the symptoms and severity of the disease. With the guidance of your Dignity Health doctor and care team, your treatment can be personalized to your specific needs.

Before you begin any therapy or medication, your doctor will explain the benefits and risks of each, so you’ll know what to expect. Sticking to your MS treatment regimen will help you avoid MS attacks or flare-ups of symptoms.

Our providers combine the latest tools and technology with personalized treatment to offer you a high standard of care when you visit Dignity Health.

Dignity Health hospitals in the Bay Area can assist in quality multiple sclerosis treatment.