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Expert Neck Surgery

Neck surgery performed by an orthopedic surgeon can correct spinal abnormalities, relieve neck pain, and improve function in your arms. Surgery on the part of the spine located in the neck may be done on a minimally invasive or traditional (open) basis.

At Dignity Health, our orthopedic experts understand how neck pain can affect your life — at home, at work, and during everyday tasks. That’s why our surgeons are trained in the latest techniques and use computerized navigation tools to ensure surgical accuracy and effectiveness. 

Find a Doctor who specializes in Bay Area neck surgery to help reduce pain and improve your mobility quickly and safely.

When Do Doctors Recommend Cervical Neck Surgery?

Your neck, or cervical spine, does a lot of twisting, turning, and tilting all day long to allow you to observe your surroundings. This wear and tear can lead to pain or loss of function due to spinal disc injuries and other neck conditions

Common reasons orthopedic surgeons perform neck surgery are to: 

  • Relieve pain related to compressed spinal nerves in the neck
  • Remove damaged, deformed, or herniated spinal discs
  • Restore arm strength by decompressing spinal nerves
  • Stabilize fractures of the vertebrae

What to Expect During Cervical Surgery

Neck surgery might take place at an outpatient clinic or in a Dignity Health Bay Area hospital, depending on the extent of the procedure. Some common neck surgeries are minimally invasive. Other conditions require traditional, open surgery to expose a larger area of the spine. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions about what to expect with your specific surgery. 

You should discuss all of the risks and benefits of neck surgery with your doctor. Also ask about ways you can reduce your risk of complications.

Recovering After Neck Surgery

You may need to wear a rigid or soft neck brace for a period of time. The brace is designed to minimize your range of motion and allow your incisions and spine to heal. Be cautious when driving if you’re wearing it. You will receive detailed postoperative instructions following your neck surgery. Common instructions might include pain medication use, activity restrictions, incision care, and more. Follow these closely to avoid complications. Be sure to attend all scheduled follow-up appointments.

Neck surgery often relieves severe pain due to spinal nerve compression in the neck. Because of this, your quality of life may improve tremendously after your neck surgery.

Dignity Health surgeons perform minimally invasive discectomy in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Redwood City.