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Introducing new players in our lineup.

NFL's Derek and David Carr join the Dignity Health team.

NFL's Derek and David Carr

While building teams, coaches look for players with key traits like speed and agility. At Dignity Health, humankindness is at the top of our list. That’s why David and Derek Carr were first-round draft picks for our new partnership. These Bakersfield brothers have played football in the country’s most prestigious stadiums and on television in front of millions. Now they’re giving back to their community—our community—proving that humankindness has no offseason.

Hometown Humankindness

There’s nothing quite like a homecoming. It’s an opportunity to reunite with loved ones and share childhood memories. For Derek Carr, some of his favorite memories were made here at homefrom spending time with his family, to kicking off his football career.

Listen as Derek describes his beloved Bakersfield in his own words:

A Helping Hand

To those of us who have experienced a vehicle breakdown on the side of the road, the scenario might have seemed all too familiar. But what happened next—a simple act of humankindness— made national headlines because the Good Samaritan just so happened to be a star NFL quarterback and Bakersfield native. Watch the film:

A Personal Connection

As a Type I Diabetic, along with 3 of his children, David Carr understands the importance of having advanced pediatric care close to home at the Lauren Small Children's Center at Memorial Hospital. The Carrs are also able to better manage their health by focusing on sensible eating and an active lifestyle.

Click here to learn more about Diabetes Care at Dignity Health. 

The connection to children’s health care is also personal for Derek Carr, who started the DC4KIDS fund to ensure pediatric patients get access to the highest level of care available. Memorial Hospital has taken a major step towards realizing its vision of providing comprehensive and specialized pediatric care close to home for the children of our community with the opening of the Robert A. Grimm Children’s Pavilion for Emergency Services.

In addition to the Children's Pavilion, the Lauren Small Children’s Center at Memorial Hospital consists of:

  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: an eight bed PICU at Memorial opened in 2012. It is the only PICU between Los Angeles and Madera
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: a 31-bed Level II NICU
  • Bolthouse Family Pediatric Acute Care Unit: 35-bed inpatient unit
  • Grossman Burn Center: 8-bed unit provides comprehensive burn care to patients of all ages
  • Helen Taylor Cobbs Children’s Healing Garden
  • Ronald McDonald House