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For Patients

You and your family are important members of your health care team. These tips can help you get the most out of your hospital experience.

Communicate With Your Health Care Team

We want to make sure you understand your diagnosis, treatment plan and know what to expect during and after your stay. Always feel free to ask questions or have something explained again.

Inform your health care team Make your health care team aware that you have a Partner in Care and have them with you, as often as possible, while meeting with your health care team.

Please keep us informed of any changes in your condition, good or bad.

Write It Down And Participate

If you have questions, at any time, write them down and ask them when you meet with your health care team. When asking your questions later, participate in the discussion. Remember, you are the expert about you and your needs.

Listen Carefully And Advise

Take notes when your doctor or nurse explains something, or ask your Partner in Care to do so. Please speak up if you think you are not getting the right treatments or medications from your health care team.

Know What Medications You Take And Why You Take Them

Make a list of the medications you take, any allergies you have and share it with your health care team. If you were unable to do this before your hospitalization, ask your Partner in Care to help you gather this important information. You will receive information regarding any new medications you are given during your hospital stay.

Keep Personal Valuables At Home

As we cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in your room, we encourage you to give money, credit cards, wallets, purses , jewelry, etc. to a family member or close friend to take home or ask your nurse to put your valuables in the hospital safe. An itemized receipt and claim ticket will be provided to you. Any medication you bring with you to the hospital should be sent home with a family member unless otherwise instructed.

Cell Phones

A phone is provided at every patient's bedside. If you choose to keep your cell phone with you, Dignity Health Bakersfield Hospitals are not responsible for loss or damage to your cell phone.

Eyeglasses, Dentures, And Hearing Aids

Eyeglasses, dentures, and hearing aids are an important part of your life. Denture cups are available. Please take care not to leave any of these items on your meal tray or lying on your bed as they may be inadvertently disposed of or lost.

Lost And Found

If you think you’ve lost something, please notify the Care Ambassador immediately. Our hospitals do not accept responsibility for items of value unless they are deposited in the safe.

Request for Access to Billing Records

For access to billing-related health information about you, and to enable us to process your request for a billing statement, please download the following form, complete, and email to: [email protected].





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