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Performing Microneurosurgery in Central California

During microneurosurgery, surgeons use high-powered microscopes while performing surgery on the neurological system. Microneurosurgery allows surgeons to treat a specific area of your body without damaging nearby blood vessels, tissue, and nerves.

Specially trained neurosurgeons at Dignity Health Central California use microneurosurgery to treat neurological conditions, such as epilepsy. Your surgeon may use microsurgery along with other types of brain surgery, such as endoscopic neurosurgery or minimally invasive neurosurgery

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Conditions Microneurosurgery Treats

Microneurosurgery allows our doctors to focus on and reach detailed areas of the nervous system. The use of microscopes during neurosurgery has lead to better treatment outcomes.

Neurosurgeons often use microneurosurgery as a treatment for: 


What to Expect: Microsurgery at Dignity Health Central California

You will either be completely sedated or awake during the procedure. Depending on the type of microneurosurgery, you’ll be given general anesthesia or a local anesthetic.

In some types of microneurosurgery, you may be awake to help your neurosurgeon treat the specific area affected. Although you won’t feel the surgery, you’ll be alert during some parts of the procedure to answer questions and provide other feedback. Your surgeon will use your responses to help guide the surgery.

It’s common to stay in the hospital for a few days while your care team monitors your healing. Before the day of your surgery, your doctor will give you detailed instructions explaining how to prepare for the procedure and what to expect afterward.


Recovering After Microneurosurgery

Recovery is different for each person. To completely heal, you may need additional care after your surgery, such as physical therapy.

Before you go home, you’ll receive information regarding any new medications and how to care for your incisions. Talk to your doctor at Dignity Health Central California about all of the risks and benefits of microneurosurgery. 

Highly-skilled neurosurgeons at Dignity Health Central California offer neurosurgery in Bakersfield, and Stockton, CA.