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Improving Your Life with Neck Surgery in Central California

A neck condition can literally be a pain in the neck, keeping you from enjoying life and making you uncomfortable. Neck surgery is an effective treatment option for easing pain and restoring movement.

Every day, you use your neck to see and experience the world around you. When neck pain interferes with your daily movements, it can affect your overall physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Dignity Health Central California delivers quality care with humankindness for all types of neck surgery procedures.

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Pain Relief with Neck Surgery Procedures at Dignity Health Central California

During your waking hours, your neck is in constant movement. Wear and tear, along with spinal disc injuries and other conditions, can lead to pain and discomfort.
Our orthopedic surgeons perform neck surgery procedures with humankindness for these common reasons:

  • Remove damaged or deformed discs
  • Relieve pain from compressed spinal nerves in your neck
  • Restore arm strength by easing spinal nerves
  • Stabilize vertebrae fractures

Your neck surgery will take place at one of our Dignity Health Central California hospitals. For some common neck surgery types, minimally invasive techniques are used to speed recovery and your healing. Other neck conditions require traditional, open surgery so your doctor can treat a larger area of your spine.

Your orthopedic surgeon is with you every step of the way. Your personal goals are part of your overall treatment plan as you look forward to a life without neck pain.


What to Expect During Neck Surgery Recovery

You can look forward to an improved quality of life following neck surgery. You may wear a neck brace to limit your range of motion as you heal.

In addition, you will receive detailed information on what to do after surgery. Your surgeon will talk to you about activities, use of pain medications, caring for your incision, and more.

Start on the path to pain-free living and meet with a trusted orthopedic surgeon at Dignity Health Central California.

Dignity Health Central California orthopedic surgeons provide compassionate care with neck surgery in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.