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Wellness Workshops

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health. Whether you are dealing with an ongoing health condition or you care for someone who is, Dignity Health’s Wellness Workshops are a great way to gain valuable information about specific medical conditions or nutrition.

Wellness Workshops are virtual--so you can participate from the comfort of home. They are free, open to anyone, and are offered in Spanish and English. 

Call (805) 739-3398 for more information and to register.

Dignity Health Wellness Workshops options include:

Healthy for Life Nutrition Series 
This workshop emphasizes nutrition education focusing on My Plate, label reading, and physical activity. The series includes discussions on heart disease and stroke.

Healthier Living: Your Life, Take Care 
A program that has been proven successful in helping those coping with chronic health issues manage their condition.

Diabetic Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) 
This program can prevent and/or reduce adverse health outcomes related to diabetes, pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes.


Call (805) 739-3398 for more information and to register.