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Privacy Notice

Marian Regional Medical Center is committed to protecting your personal and medical information. This commitment includes notifying you if we believe that an incident may have exposed your medical information to an unintended audience. Hospital employees access medical records to provide or support patient care based on their role. For example, a nurse would need to access more of the record to provide care than a technician. The hospital performs audits to ensure employees only access parts of the medical record needed to do their job. During an audit, the Compliance Department determined that a hospital staff member (who is no longer employed by Marian Regional Medical Center) accessed portions of patient electronic medical records he/she did not need to complete their work. Accessible information in the record included name, date of birth, address, telephone number, diagnosis, clinical assessments, and treatment plans. No social security number, financial or insurance information was viewed.

Affected individuals with current contact information on file were notified by letter through the United States Postal Service. We are posting this substitute notice in good faith effort to notify the affected individuals for whom we have insufficient or out-of-date contact information. If you have had an address change or have any questions regarding access to your medical record please call (855) 900-7519 toll free for further information. The Compliance Department continues to diligently monitor for appropriate access to patients medical records. Thank you.