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Breast Surgical Oncology

A breast surgical oncologist is a surgeon who specializes in breast cancer and other diseases of the breast. Breast cancer specialists are highly skilled in their field because they have dedicated their practice to a smaller scope and have completed specialty-specific training or fellowships. The formal training provided by a fellowship ensures that each fellow who graduated is exposed to multidisciplinary aspects of care and advanced research and techniques. With years of training and education focused on breast disease, they have an in-depth knowledge of cancer biology, genetics and the most advanced surgical options to help patients achieve the best possible results and can provide novel and innovative treatments for breast cancer patients. 

Better outcomes for patients with a breast surgery specialist

Research shows that breast cancer patients who have surgeries performed by physicians who have done a high volume of breast cancer surgeries have a better prognosis than patients of lower volume surgeons. Specialized breast cancer surgeons have dedicated their professional careers to the disease and perform hundreds of breast cancer surgeries every year.