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Choosing a Colon Cancer Treatment in Southern CA

If a colonoscopy or another type of screening test detects intestinal cancer or colon cancer, treatment is the next step. Although treatment varies depending on your unique needs, the four treatments for colon cancer we perform at Dignity Health Southern California are designed to either remove the cancer or put it into remission.

Our doctors may recommend chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or targeted cancer therapy to cure your cancer. Sometimes two procedures, such as colon cancer surgery and chemotherapy, are used together for better results.

No matter your stage of colon cancer, Dignity Health Southern California hospitals, located in Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, Glendale, and San Bernardino, can offer our expertise paired with personal care. Find a Doctor today who can provide colon cancer treatment in Southern California.

Types of Colon Cancer Treatment

At Dignity Health Southern California hospitals, we can use any of the following procedures to treat colon cancer.


Colon surgery is a common treatment option for colon cancer. Depending on where the cancer is located, your doctor may perform an operation to remove a small portion or an entire section of the colon.

Radiation Therapy

Patients who aren’t candidates for surgery will often receive radiation therapy, or high energy waves, to shrink or kill colon cancer cells. Almost half of all cancer patients will undergo radiation therapy during their treatment.


Chemotherapy refers to the drugs used to kill or stop cancer cells from growing throughout the body. At Dignity Health Southern California, we can prescribe chemotherapy along with radiation therapy to improve the efficacy of the treatment.

Targeted Cancer Therapy

During targeted cancer therapy, drugs (which can include chemotherapy drugs) act only on the affected areas of the colon to prevent the cancer from growing. Before administering the targeted drugs, a cancer specialist will first determine whether the affected area contains the specific tumor markers. For advanced stages of colon cancer, targeted cancer therapy can be combined with chemotherapy to provide more effective treatment.

Which Treatment is Best for You?

Your treatment will depend on the stage of the cancer, your health, and other factors. Our specialists at Dignity Health Southern California hospitals will perform a thorough assessment before determining a procedure. Your doctor will explain the risks, benefits, and side effects of each procedure, so you can take control of your health. The side effects will vary depending on the therapy or surgery. Your doctor will discuss ways to manage any side effects for a more comfortable treatment experience.

A diagnosis of colorectal cancer is manageable and treatable. Schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated specialists to receive colon cancer treatment in Southern California.

Dignity Health combines experience, expertise, and the latest technology to provide colon cancer treatment in Southern California.