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Looking for a neurologist in Southern California?

Dignity Health Southern California offers speciality care for neurological disorders.


Comprehensive Neurology

Neurology care at Dignity Health Southern California offers expert treatment for neurological conditions of the brain and nervous system. We root our services in kindness and consideration with the goal of healing. Our trusted doctors are trained at assessing neurological symptoms, pinpointing a diagnosis, and considering your well-being while we care for your condition. If you need relief from headaches or personalized care for a family member with dementia, schedule an appointment at a neurology center in Southern California.

Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions are disorders that affect any part of your nervous system, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves extending throughout your body. Learn More 

Diagnostic Testing

Neurologists at Dignity Health Southern California use neurology tests to diagnose disorders of the brain, spine, and connecting nerves. Your doctor may perform a neurological exam along with diagnostic testing to get an accurate picture of what’s happening with your nervous system. Neurology tests are the first step to an accurate diagnosis. Learn More

Neurosurgery and Procedures

After a diagnosis, your doctor will begin a treatment plan based off results from imaging scans, blood tests, and specialized neurological exams. Your neurologist may prescribe medication, neurocritical care for conditions that need highly-specialized attention, neurosurgery, or physical rehabilitation. Learn More

Neurocritical Care

Severe and life-threatening neurological emergencies are often handled by a highly-specialized, coordinated team of doctors and nurses. This care is provided in a hospital’s neurocritical care unit, or the neurological intensive care unit (neuro ICU).

At Dignity Health Southern California, our neurocritical team members include neurologists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, hospitalists, radiologists, and specially trained nurses. Learn More


As part of our complete neurology care, we offer rehabilitation services to restore your physical and mental body. Dignity Health Southern California neurologists partner with other specialists to help you regain or improve functionality after major changes to your neurological system, such as a stroke or surgery. Your doctor will create and supervise an individualized treatment plan that’s designed specifically for your needs.