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Baby and Family | Pregnant woman with nurse.

Baby and Family

My Baby helps you track pregnancy milestones, identify symptoms and issues, and connect to services, like nurse support, so you can have a healthier pregnancy. 


Healthy and Happy Beginnings

The birth of your baby is likely one of the most exciting events in your life, and Dignity Health Southern California hospitals want to make sure you and your family experience a healthy and happy beginning for a lifetime of memories

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Quality Care

Our doctors, nurses and all of our childbirth team provide a supportive and caring atmosphere for you, your family and your new baby. Our team of medical professionals are experts in obstetrical care and are dedicated to providing the highest quality care from the moment you are pregnant through the birth of your little one.

Maternity Tours

We offer Maternity tours so you can get to know your Southern California hospital. We also offer private labor and delivery rooms and – should it be necessary – Neonatal Intensive Care Units. 

Regardless of where you live in Southern California, Dignity Health has a hospital close by to care for you and your baby. 

To find a Dignity Health Southern California doctor that’s right for you.

Tour Your Hospital

my baby. by Dignity Health

my baby. guides you through pregnancy milestones, helps you identify symptoms and issues, and connects you to services like nurse support. Let us help you stay healthy as you grow your family.

Family Planning

Family planning services help individuals and couples make informed decisions about conception, pregnancy, and childbearing. At Dignity Health Southern California, our doctors work with a team of nurse practitioners, genetic counselors, and other specially trained health professionals to provide complete family planning services.
Learn more about family planning services.

Pregnancy Services

The caring, supportive doctors at Dignity Health Southern California partner with you throughout this time of transition. Our pregnancy specialists offer comprehensive care during your pregnancy in Southern California.
Learn more about pregnancy services.

Prenatal Testing

The experienced doctors at Dignity Health Southern California offer thorough prenatal testing, procedures performed during pregnancy to gather information about the baby’s health and well-being.
Learn more about prenatal testing.

Fetal Conditions

Fetal conditions refer to a group of problems that affect an unborn baby’s health, such as birth defects and other fetal disorders. Treatment focuses on improving the health and well-being of the baby, before and after birth.

Providers at Dignity Health Southern California are highly skilled in managing problems that may arise during pregnancy.
Learn more about fetal conditions.

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Keeping You and Baby Healthy

The experienced doctors at Dignity Health Southern California can offer support and advanced clinical care throughout your pregnancy. 

A condition, disorder, or any type of health problem in a mother that may affect pregnancy or endanger the baby is called a maternal condition. Our hospitals diagnose and treat all types of maternal complications.
Learn more about maternal conditions.

Labor and Delivery

Delivering a baby is an exciting experience. Mothers, fathers, and family members all need support throughout the labor and delivery process. The caring doctors at Dignity Health Southern California work with a highly trained health care team to provide everything you need — including medical monitoring, emotional support, pain relief, information, and instruction — to help you transition through labor, birth, and parenthood.
Learn more about labor and delivery.