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Expertise in Maternal Conditions in Southern California

A condition, disorder, or any type of health problem in a mother that may affect pregnancy or endanger the baby is called a maternal condition. 

The experienced doctors and staff at Dignity Health Southern California Hospitals can offer support and advanced clinical care throughout your pregnancy. Our hospitals diagnose and treat all types of maternal complications in Southern California. 

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What are Maternal Conditions?

Common maternal conditions that occur during pregnancy include:

  • Gestational diabetes — consistently high blood sugar first seen during pregnancy
  • Isoimmunization — condition caused by blood type differences in the mother and baby
  • Multiple gestation — birth of more than one baby, such as twins, triplets, or quadruplets
  • Mullerian abnormalities — disorders of the vagina and uterus that can cause conception and pregnancy problems
  • Premature rupture of membranes — when a woman’s water breaks before the end of pregnancy
  • Cervical incompetence — when the cervix opens before the end of pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia — a potentially dangerous complication causing high blood pressure

Symptoms of Maternal Conditions

The signs and symptoms vary depending on the condition. Your doctor will assess you for any signs or history of medical problems. If your doctor notices anything unusual, such as high blood sugar (glucose) levels, high blood pressure, or unusual fetal development, additional tests will likely be ordered.

Causes of Maternal Conditions

Some conditions, such as Mullerian abnormalities, are present since birth (congenital). Other possible causes of maternal conditions include:

  • Genetic inheritance
  • Injury
  • Infection

In many cases, the cause of a maternal complication isn’t  known. 

Treatment of Maternal Conditions at Dignity Health Southern California Hospitals

The best way to lower your risk of maternal complications is to receive regular pregnancy care from a dedicated health care professional. At each visit, your doctor will check your health and monitor your baby’s health for any changes in development.

With quality care during pregnancy, most maternal conditions can be identified early on. Proper treatment can prevent most serious complications and give you a better chance of having a healthy pregnancy and birth. 

Dignity Health Southern California doctors focus on protecting your baby’s health by diagnosing maternal conditions in Southern California. 

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