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Exceptional Care for Multiple Gestation in Southern California

Doctors refer to a pregnancy with more than one baby as multiple gestation, or multiple pregnancy. About three percent of pregnancies are multiples. 

Our Dignity Health Southern California baby and family experts consider it a privilege to care for you and your babies throughout your pregnancy. If you need an experienced obstetrician, use our Find a Doctor tool to receive exceptional pregnancy care at these six convenient locations:

Recognizing Signs of Having Twins

You will notice more obvious signs and symptoms of pregnancy with multiple gestation. You may be more nauseous, gain weight sooner, and experience a larger belly than is typical during a single pregnancy. A routine pregnancy ultrasound early in the first trimester will show more than one baby. 

The chances of being pregnant with twins or more babies can happen either by chance or as a result of fertility treatments. Fertility treatments or a family history of multiple birth increases the chances of multiples. You are also more likely to produce more than one egg per cycle if you are older than 35.

Extra Care During Multiple Pregnancy at Dignity Health Southern California Hospitals

A multiple gestation is considered a maternal health condition — a condition in the mother that may affect the baby or pregnancy. As exciting and joyful as a multiple birth is, it also increases the risk of such conditions as gestational diabetes, anemia, preeclampsia, and miscarriage

With Dignity Health Southern California, you and your babies are in excellent hands. The highly skilled doctors and nurses in our Baby and Family Services will see you more often because you need special care during a multiple pregnancy. 

Labor & Delivery

The extra monitoring and supportive care we provide helps get you and your babies ready for labor and delivery. Most women give birth to multiple babies through C-section. If your doctor identifies a problem, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the same hospital where you are giving birth provides highly specialized medical and nursing care for your babies. Please contact Dignity Health Southern California to learn more about our high-quality pregnancy care. We offer a personalized approach so you are well cared for and comfortable — you can even create your own maternity playlist!

The Dignity Health Southern California Hospitals multiple gestation team of doctors, nurses, and support staff gives you and your babies the care you need and deserve.