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Expertise in Birth Defects & Fetal Problems in Southern California

Fetal conditions refer to a group of problems that affect an unborn baby’s health, such as birth defects and other fetal disorders. Treatment focuses on improving the health and well-being of the baby, before and after birth.

Providers at Dignity Health Southern California hospitals are highly skilled in managing problems that may arise during pregnancy. Our doctors offer comprehensive care for pregnant women, including expertise for fetal problems and birth defects in Glendale, Long Beach, Northridge, Downtown LA, Oxnard, and San Bernardino

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Types of Birth Defects & Fetal Problems We Treat

Dignity Health Southern California hospitals provide care for a wide range of fetal conditions, including, but not limited to:

Our doctors provide dedicated care to detect and monitor any complications during pregnancy. In many cases, prompt treatment can save the baby’s life and help prevent immediate and long-term complications. 

Symptoms of Birth Defects & Fetal Problems

Some signs and symptoms of fetal conditions are evident in the prenatal period and can be seen during a prenatal ultrasound. Others may not be diagnosed until after birth. 

Signs and symptoms of birth defects and other problems include:

  • Deformed or missing organs or limbs
  • Brain damage
  • Hearing, vision, movement, and coordination problems
  • Difficulty breathing or eating

Causes of Birth Defects & Fetal Problems

Common causes of fetal conditions include:

  • Infection 
  • Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities 
  • Exposure to certain medications, toxins, and environmental conditions 
  • Tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drug use during pregnancy 

Sometimes, the cause of a fetal condition is simply unknown.

Treatment of Birth Defects & Fetal Problems at Dignity Health Southern California Hospitals

Treatment for a fetal condition depends on the specific problem. Doctors at Dignity Health Southern California often rely on genetic counseling to explain the risk of certain genetic conditions. 

You can take steps to lower your risk for fetal conditions by doing the following:

  • Keep immunizations up to date 
  • Take a multivitamin containing at least 400 micrograms of folic acid daily in order to decrease the risk of certain birth defects
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs while pregnant

The severity of a birth defect or other problem will also guide treatment. It may include medical interventions such as medication or surgery. Your doctor will explain your child’s condition and coordinate next steps for his or her care.

Dignity Health baby and family doctors extend compassion and personal care when treating birth defects and fetal problems in Southern California.