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Care for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Southern California

Fetal alcohol syndrome refers to a group of problems that can occur when a pregnant woman drinks alcohol. A baby is exposed to all food and liquid consumed by the mother. Exposure to alcohol can cause fetal brain damage and severely affect physical and intellectual development. 

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Symptoms 

Symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome vary and may include:

  • Birth defects, including deformities of the heart, joints, limbs, or fingers.
  • Speech, vision, and hearing problems.
  • Poor muscle tone and coordination, resulting in feeding problems.
  • Problems with learning, such as low IQ, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, and mental retardation.
  • Small size, including a smaller-than-normal head and stunted growth.
  • Abnormal facial features, such as wide set eyes and a smooth ridge between the nose and upper lip. 

Causes of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

If you drink alcohol while you are pregnant, you increase your baby’s risk of having fetal alcohol syndrome. Experts have determined that no amount of alcohol is safe to drink during pregnancy. 

For the health of your baby, you shouldn’t drink alcohol when you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. 

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Treatment & Prevention at Dignity Health Southern California Hospitals

As part of our dedication to world-class pregnancy care, our doctors focus on helping women and future mothers understand the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. This commitment is furthered by the fact that there’s no way to undo the effects of alcohol exposure to a baby. 

At Dignity Health Southern California, we encourage you to stop drinking alcohol if you’re pregnant or think you may be pregnant. 

If you think you might have an alcohol problem or you’re struggling with stopping, Dignity Health can provide compassionate care and support. A treatment plan or rehab program can help you and may preserve the health of your baby. 

For babies who are born with fetal alcohol syndrome, our doctors offers specialized medical care and educational interventions to help your child reach his or her optimal health.

Dedicated Dignity Health doctors are experts in fetal alcohol syndrome treatment in Southern California.