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Expert Neurosurgery in Southern California

Neurosurgery is a specialty branch of care that diagnoses, treats, and manages disorders of the nervous system. At Dignity Health Southern California, our skilled neurosurgeons perform surgery and neurological procedures to find the root cause of neurological symptoms, repair damaged neurological structures, and create specialized treatment plans. You may need neurosurgery to relieve pain, improve your sleep, or correct spine problems.

Neurological care at our hospitals treats a wide range of conditions — from providing an accurate diagnosis to relieving chronic pain. Find a Doctor today to learn more about our high-quality neurological procedures in Southern California at these locations:

Choosing a Neurological Procedure at Dignity Health Southern California

You may receive a neurological procedure to pinpoint a diagnosis. Or, your doctor may refer you to a neurosurgeon after a diagnosis for highly-specialized care. After performing a neurological exam and assessing symptoms, your doctor will decide which procedure or surgery is best for you.

For the most effective treatment, experienced neurosurgeons at Dignity Health may perform any of the following procedures:

What to Expect with Neurosurgery

Preparation and processes vary for each operation. Before the procedure, your neurologist will give you the chance to ask questions and learn about all the benefits, side effects, and risks.

Your procedure could involve:

  • Overnight stay in our hospital
  • Anesthesia
  • Lifestyle changes after surgery
  • Medication instructions
  • Pain management instructions

It’s natural to experience some anxiety before a neurological surgery or procedure. Your doctor and surgery team will work together to care for your wellbeing and ensure your comfort. Trust the dedicated doctors at Dignity Health Southern California for personalized neurosurgery in Southern California.

Dignity Health provides skilled neurosurgery in Southern California.

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