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Reliable Neurology Tests in Southern California

Neurologists at Dignity Health Southern California use neurology tests to diagnose disorders of the brain, spine, and connecting nerves. Your doctor may perform a neurological exam along with diagnostic testing to get an accurate picture of what’s happening with your nervous system.

Neurology tests are the first step to an accurate diagnosis, so Find a Doctor if you need a neurological exam in Southern California.

Diagnostic Tests We Offer at Dignity Health Southern California

Results from neurological tests help your doctor understand your symptoms and create effective, personalized treatment. When a physical observation of symptoms doesn’t provide a clear explanation, your doctor may suggest neuroimaging or other neurological diagnostic tests.

These may include:

Several neurological disorders have the same signs and symptoms. These tests can help our doctors diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological conditions, including stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, and sleep disorders.

What to Expect from Neuroimaging & Neurology Tests

The procedures for diagnostic neurology tests differ, but many are noninvasive and don’t have any risks. Brain and spine CT scans, along with EEG and EMG, are completely painless.

Some tests require a nurse to observe you in a recovery area, while other tests involve injection of contrast material. Your Dignity Health Southern California provider will make sure you are well-prepared for the procedure and receive aftercare instructions, if needed.

Our specialists aim to provide an honest, comfortable experience while you undergo diagnostic testing. After analyzing your test results, your doctor will discuss your diagnosis and begin the process for treatment.

Dignity Health uses the latest technology to perform diagnostic tests in Southern California.