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Compliance Hotline

Misconduct And Research Non-Compliance

Dignity Health takes the protection of human subjects very seriously. Adherence to federal regulations, Dignity Health policies and the Human Research Protections Office research compliance program is paramount in this effort including the reporting of research misconduct and non-compliance.

Per Dignity Health policy, events and issues related to research misconduct, scientific misconduct and/or research non-compliance must be reported to the Dignity Health Research Integrity Officer for prompt investigation and response to all concerns in this regard. 

The requirement to report applies to the following individuals who conduct research at a Dignity Health facility or subsidiaries:

  • Medical staff members and employees
  • Allied health practitioners who have credentials, practice prerogatives, or similarly granted status
  • Faculty members and individuals in teaching positions
  • Independent contractors performing services at a Dignity Health facility or using our resources, including data
  • Employees and agents of medical staff members engaged in the conduct of research
  • Dignity Health Research Accountable Executives, IRB members, principal investigators and all members of the research team engaged in research approved by a Dignity Health IRB

Allegations of research misconduct, scientific misconduct and/or research non-compliance can be made anonymously by calling the Dignity Health Corporate Compliance Hotline at (800) 938-0031.