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Breast Biopsy

The Women's Imaging Center is here to provide minimally invasive breast biopsies to patients who have been referred by their doctor. Our staff is senstive to your anxiety and fears and are here to answer any questions you may have before, during or after testing.

The goal of the biopsy is to collect small samples of tissue that will be sent to pathology for evaluation and diagnosis. Your doctor will presecribe one of the following tests, MRI, Stereotactic Imaging or Ultrasound Imaging. You should be able to resume most of your daily activities immediately after the procedure.

MRI is used to guide the biopsy needle into the breast. You will lie on your stomach, with your breast in a special breast coil. An intravenous needle may be inserted into a vein if a contrast agent is necessary to see the area to be biopsied.

Stereotactic Imaging is used if a lesion was seen on your mammogram. While lying on your stomach, your breast is compressed in a mammographic unit. Images are taken at two different angles to allow the computer to  calculate the depth that the biopsy needle must be advanced to reach the targeted area. Although the biopsy itself takes only a few minutes, the entire stereotactic procedure takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes.

Ultrasound Imaging is used to guide the needle into the breast lesion while you are positioned lying on your back or side.

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For more information on breast biopsy at Women's Imaging Center, please call (480) 728-2008.