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Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound, sometimes known as sonography is a diagnostic procedure using high frequency sound waves to show images inside your body. The sound waves come from a small hand-held device - or transducer- which sends and receives these signals.

The images taken in this procedure are recorded digitally which a radiologist will interpret later from a computer work station. An ultrasound is a safe procedure and the sonographer who will perform your exam is a certified and specialized technologist. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the disease process to tailor the examination to your indvidual needs.

Our sonographers work under the close supervision of our radiologist who is a medical doctor with speciality training in interpreting imaging studies. Ultrasound is an excellent tool for evaluating other parts of the body including your stomach, breasts, arms, legs, neck and pelvis.


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For more information about our ultrasound services or for an appointment, please call us at (480) 728-2008, option #1.