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The rate of change in medicine is astounding. Technological advances allow us to see the previously invisible and do the previously impossible. Legal changes are providing access to the previously uninsurable. In this series, we invite you to explore the many ways health care delivery is changing every day-for both your patients and your practice.

Practices that fail to be compliant with HIPAA will not only lose the faith and confidence of their patients but will also incur heavy fines and penalties
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Four HIPAA Compliance Tips for Your Medical Practice

Tayla Holman / JANUARY 31, 2017

Your patients want to know that their personal information is secure and that the disclosure of protected details happens only when necessary. HIPAA compliance is essential for your medical practice, because it ensures that patients have peace of mind when it comes to the personal information available through their medical records. When you demonstrate a commitment to keeping information secure, you can not only avoid fines, but you can build geniune connections and trust with the people you treat.

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