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Comprehensive Care for a Broken Ankle

A broken ankle (ankle fracture) can cause pain and make walking impossible. The ankle joint absorbs hundreds of pounds of force with every step you take, which makes it vulnerable to low-grade fractures due to normal use. Because it’s a somewhat delicate joint, it also is prone to traumatic fracture. Fortunately, many broken ankles respond well to treatment and don’t cause any long-lasting effects.

The orthopedic specialists at Dignity Health are ready to help you get moving again. We offer a variety of solutions designed to decrease pain and increase mobility. Find a Doctor online who treats broken ankles in the Bay Area with a focus on personal care.

Is My Ankle Broken?

Severe pain is the most common broken ankle symptom. Other symptoms include: 

  • Inability to stand or bear weight on the ankle
  • Inability to wiggle your foot or toes
  • Misshapen joint or exposed bones
  • Numbness or tingling of the affected foot
  • Swollen ankle, foot, or lower leg

What Causes Ankles to Break?

Trauma is a common cause of ankle fractures. Auto accidents, sports injuries, or even just stepping off a curb the wrong way can cause the ankle to break. Low-grade fractures or stress fractures can develop in the ankle bones with normal use or overuse, such as excessive athletic training. Osteoporosis (thinning of the bone tissue due to a lack of calcium) can also make the bones of the ankle more vulnerable to fractures.

Ankle Fracture Treatment in the Bay Area

If you suspect a broken ankle, you should immobilize the joint immediately and avoid putting weight on it. Then seek prompt medical attention at a Dignity Health hospital or clinic in the Bay Area.

Common treatment and prevention strategies for ankle fracture include applying a cast or brace to the injured ankle, taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medications, applying ice, and elevating your leg.

To help protect your ankles during sports, wear well-fitting athletic shoes and wrap the ankles with a support bandage before participating in sports activities.

For compound or complicated ankle fractures, surgery may be required. Most ankle fractures heal within six to eight weeks and pose no further problem.

Your Dignity Health doctor will personalize your treatment and show you ways to prevent further injury. Call (866) 466-1401 for trusted orthopedic care today.

Dignity Health provides fast and effective treatment ankle injuries , including broken ankles, in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Redwood City.