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Come to Dignity Health for Back Surgery

Also called spine surgery, back surgery is a treatment for back pain and related symptoms when a doctor finds a cause that can be treated effectively with surgery.

Why It is Performed 

Most back pain goes away within a few weeks or months, especially with the use of medication, physical therapy and exercises. You may, however, want to consider surgery if your back pain is persistent and disabling. 

Your doctor may recommend surgery to treat back pain due to osteoarthritis (particularly bone overgrowth or bone spurs) and disc problems, such as degenerated, bulging, herniated, ruptured or slipped spinal discs.

There are four main types of back surgery at Dignity Health in the Bay Area:

What to Expect 

Back surgery can be either an open surgery or a minimally invasive procedure. Most back surgeries take about one to three hours, depending on your specific back problem. 

It’s common to stay in the hospital following back surgery. You may also need to wear a back brace or cast to keep your back stable while it is healing, and will include physical therapy and rehabilitation as part of your recovery. It can take several months to fully recover.

How Your Everyday Life May Be Different

Some patients report a persistent or achy pain following back surgery. Staying physically active and maintaining a healthy weight will help relieve this pain. You will have decreased energy for some time after back surgery and will need to gradually return to activities.

End your fight with back pain. When your doctor recommends back surgery, the choices you need are at Dignity Health. Find a Doctor near you today.

Dignity Health is a premier source for a variety of back surgeries in and around the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Redwood City.