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Performing Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is an orthopedic procedure to treat an injury or chronic condition. Your knee is made up of cartilage, bone, ligaments, and tendons. When one or more of these areas is damaged, it can cause pain and disability. 

Dignity Health’s Bay Area knee surgeons offer personal care and healing to treat a range of knee problems. We offer many types of knee surgery, including: 

To request a consultation for knee surgery in the Bay Area, call (888) 981-7501 for a doctor referral or Find a Doctor online.

Are You Eligible for Knee Surgery?

Your doctor may refer you to a knee surgeon if medications, joint injections, or physical therapy haven’t been successful at treating your knee problem.

You may be a good candidate for surgery if you have: 

  • Deformity in your knee
  • Knee pain and stiffness that limits your daily routine
  • Knee pain even at rest
  • Knee weakness or instability
  • Severe joint damage or loss of cartilage and bone (shown on X-rays)

Surgery can help treat these issues, including problems caused by arthritis or sports injuries.

Dignity Health offers world-class care at many locations in the Bay Area, including:

Your Knee Surgery at Dignity Health

Doctors often perform arthroscopy to evaluate and diagnose problems inside the knee joint. Arthroscopic knee surgery is minimally invasive. It uses small incisions and takes the least amount of time. Most people are able to go home the same day. Other types of knee surgery may be more extensive and require a short hospital stay.

Knee Surgery Recovery

After your procedure, you may spend time in a rehabilitation center before you go home. Your doctor can tell you what to expect. If you have a knee replacement, you may spend several weeks in rehab to regain knee function and movement. Physical therapy will be part of your recovery process. Your health care provider will let you know when it’s safe to return to normal activities. 

The goal of knee surgery is to help you get back to a more active lifestyle with less pain. Talk to one of our doctors about your options today.

For reliable knee surgery in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Redwood City, visit a Dignity Health Bay Area hospital.