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Emergency Services

You never plan to visit an emergency room. It just happens, and usually when you least expect it. The Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital is equipped to care for all minor and major emergencies 24-hours a day, year round.

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(Please note: Online Waiting Room should not be used for life-threatening emergencies or children under the age of three. Call 911 immediately for more serious conditions.)

Emergency care at Memorial Hospital

When presented with a frightening symptom or an injured child, all but the clearest heads are likely to panic. When you suspect a medical situation is life-threatening, don't delay. Call 9-1-1, or visit the nearest emergency room immediately. And always remember that the best source of information about your health care remains your personal doctor. Here are some general guidelines about the difference between emergency and urgent care:

When to seek emergency care

  • Burns 
  • Chest pain or intense abdominal pain 
  • Drug or chemical poisoning 
  • Excessive bleeding 
  • Exposure injuries threatening to life or limb 
  • Extreme lacerations 
  • Fractures or other trauma 
  • Loss of consciousness or severe weakness 
  • Severe shortness of breath

Certified Stroke Center

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of disability. But fast treatment can reduce or even prevent disability. Remember, with stroke, time is essential. When you or someone you love is having a stroke, every minute counts. We are a fully-accredited Stroke Center. If you come in to our Emergency Room within 90 minutes of experiencing stroke symptoms, we are able to treat you with the clot buster drug known as tPA. But tPA can only be given within the first three to four hours after a stroke. Know the signs of stroke, so you know when to act fast.

Certified STEMI Center

We are a leading hospital for STEMI, or acute heart attacks. In fact, for more than a year, we’ve met a door-to-balloon time of 90 minutes – meaning from the time you get to the emergency room to the time you receive treatment that widens narrowed or blocked arteries – 100 percent of the time.

Cardiac-monitored ER lobby

If you’re having chest pains, you’ll receive an EKG within 10 minutes. Nearly 90 percent of patients are hooked up within 6 minutes. While you’re waiting for the results, you’ll be escorted to a cardiac monitored lobby. Monitors are placed on your chest and our technicians watch your heart so that if any additional events present, we can see it immediately.

Rapid intake treatment zone

Being treated as if you’re at a five-star hotel is the goal of Memorial Hospital's Emergency Services team. We see approximately 100 patients per day, assessing each for severity of illness and treating each quickly and efficiently. Our Rapid Intake Treatment Zone (RITZ) assesses each non-emergent patient within 60 minutes of arrival. We see every patient within two hours.

Pediatric vein finder

Starting an IV on a child or baby can be difficult. That's why our Emergency Room is equipped with a specially designed vein finder to help our care team access tiny veins easier and with less pain.

Because babies, toddlers, children and teens have different health care needs than adults, our Emergency Room will be expanding soon, with the Robert A.Grimm Children’s Pavilion for Emergency Care. The Children’s Pavilion will be the only dedicated pediatric emergency room between Los Angeles and Madera and will complete the continuum of care for pediatric patients in our community. It will include an urgent care “fast track” exclusively for these patients. All patients will be seen by doctors and nurses specially trained in pediatric medicine. The Children’s Pavilion will enable Memorial to deliver essential care in a comforting environment for children and their families.

Robert A. Grimm Children's Pavilion for Emergency Services

The Robert A. Grimm Children’s Pavilion for Emergency Services is the latest addition to the Lauren Small Children’s Center. The Children’s Pavilion is the only dedicated pediatric emergency department between Los Angeles and Madera and completes the continuum of care for pediatric patients in Kern County.