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Expert Diagnosis of the Stages of Breast Cancer in Central California

As a malignant tumor grows, it goes through stages and takes on new characteristics. These stages of breast cancer determine the extent of the tumor in your breast or body. Each stage reveals fine details about the tumor, such as its specific locations, size, and expected response to breast cancer treatment.

Oncology specialists at Dignity Health Central California identify the tumor’s stage to create a more personalized treatment plan. Our cancer centers are equipped with the advanced tools to diagnose your breast cancer’s stage. Find a Doctor today who specializes in staging breast cancer in Central California.


Breast Cancer Stages

The stages of breast cancer are represented by roman numerals. The lower the stage, the less invasive the tumor is and the more responsive it will be to treatment.

Stage 0

Breast cancer in this stage is noninvasive, meaning it's confined to its original site of origin. You may also hear stage 0 breast cancer defined as carcinoma in situ, or carcinoma in place.

Stage I

In this stage, the tumor is small but has started growing into nearby breast tissue.

Stage II

Stage two breast cancer is another form of early invasive breast cancer. In this stage, the tumor is larger than a stage one tumor and may have reached nearby lymph nodes.

Stage III

The tumor has reached nearby lymph nodes but not distant body sites.

Stage IV

This is the most advanced form of breast cancer. Stage five tumors have reached lymph nodes and other organs in the body.


Staging Breast Cancer for Treatment at Dignity Health Central California

The stage of the breast cancer will help guide your doctor’s treatment suggestions. To stage the breast cancer, your doctor will recommend one or several diagnostic exams.

These may include a: 

  • Biopsy, a tissue-removal process
  • Blood test
  • Imaging exams 

After examining the results, your doctor can accurately identify the stage and began treatment that’s based off the cancer’s characteristics. Staging cancer, including breast cancer, is a vital aspect of your treatment. For breast cancer care that’s guided by expertise and healing, visit Dignity Health Central California.

Dignity Health Central California offers services for breast cancer staging in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.