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Comprehensive Breast Cancer Treatment in Central California

At Dignity Health Central California, treatment for breast cancer aims to cure your cancer or put it into remission. We have a wide range of treatment options to treat different types of breast cancer, including treatment for the different stages of breast cancer. Your treatment plan will always be personalized, meeting your specific preferences and goals.

We always take an integrative, comprehensive approach towards breast cancer treatment in Central California. To supplement your standard treatment, we also offer spiritual counseling and therapy in a compassionate environment. Find a Doctor online.


Treatment for Breast Cancer Dignity Health Central California

There are standard treatments that are known to be effective for curing breast cancer. 

Our treatment options include: 

  • Hormone therapy is ideal for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Hormone therapy drugs block the effects of hormones so the cancer won’t grow.
  • Targeted therapy involves applying cancer-killing drugs to cancer cells.
  • Chemotherapy, a standard treatment for breast cancer, is often used with surgery and other treatment options.
  • Radiation therapy helps shrink tumors and kill remaining cancer cells after surgery. It’s often used to relieve symptoms of advanced stages of breast cancer.
  • Surgery to remove the tumor from your breast can be done through a lumpectomy, a breast-conserving surgery, or a mastectomy, which removes the entire breast. 

It’s common for several types of treatments to be used together to increase the chances of a complete cure.


Which Breast Cancer Treatment is Best for Me?

Not everyone with breast cancer receives the same type of treatment. Your doctor will recommend a treatment plan after considering several factors, including the cancer’s stage, your preferences, and your overall health.

At Dignity Health Central California hospitals, choosing a breast cancer treatment is a collaborative experience. Your doctor will review your treatment options and explain all risks, benefits, and side effects associated with each type of treatment. For breast cancer care that’s guided by dignity and respect, contact one of our hospitals.

Dignity Health Central California offers renowned breast cancer treatment in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.