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Steps Toward Breast Cancer Prevention in Central California

Getting a quality breast cancer screening and recognizing the symptoms of breast cancer are two ways to detect breast cancer in its early, treatable stages. Experts at Dignity Health Central California hospitals are dedicated to helping you stay healthy by offering a wide range of strategies for breast cancer prevention.

Whether you need a mammogram or breast cancer prevention surgery, you can trust our compassionate oncology specialists for expert care. Find a Doctor near you to learn how to prevent breast cancer in Central California.


Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Some women have a higher chance of developing breast cancer. Men can get breast cancer, too, but it is rare. 

Known risk factors include: 

  • Dense breast tissue
  • Early menstruation (before 12)
  • Late menopause (after 55)
  • Family or personal history of breast cancer
  • Gene mutations
  • Previous chest radiation

Many risk factors for breast cancer are controllable. Take our breast cancer risk assessment and talk to your doctor at Dignity Health Central California about lowering your risk for breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Prevention Services at Dignity Health Central California

Your age, health, and other risk factors determine which breast cancer screening will be best for you. Talk to your doctor to learn which screening is the safest.

Clinical Breast Exam

Your doctor should perform a clinical breast exam during your annual checkup. This exam involves examining your breasts for lumps, texture changes, and any other signs of breast cancer.


A mammogram produces detailed X-ray images of your breasts. This type of screening is ideal for finding breast cancer before symptoms develop and for finding noninvasive breast cancer. The benefits of a mammogram vary depending on your age.


A mastectomy is the removal of one or both breasts to treat or prevent invasive breast cancer. If you have a high risk for breast cancer, your doctor may recommend a mastectomy. For some, a mastectomy can reduce the risk of advanced breast cancer by 97 percent.


This treatment uses anti-estrogen drugs to prevent the breast tumor from using hormones to grow. Chemoprevention can treat early-stage breast cancer or reduce the risk of developing invasive breast cancer.

Let Dignity Health Central California help you with early detection and breast cancer prevention at a location near you.

Dignity Health Central California is a leading provider of breast cancer prevention in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.